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1709, 17F, Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower, Me Tri, Tu Liem
Website: http://jgcvietnam.vn/en/ Điện thoại: +84-43-7940-520 Fax: +84-43-7940-522 Số nhân viên: 100-200
JGC CORPORATION is a leading global engineering Japanese company. We have been involved in the construction of oil refineries, petrochemical plants, and large-scale gas processing plants all over the world. In Vietnam, we have carried out various projects and can expect many future oil and gas projects.

For the importance of Vietnam market, we established an EPC company in Ha Noi, named “JGC VIETNAM Co., Ltd.”, with a view to expanding into the Southeast Asian market.

To achieve our high quality EPC services as much as the quality of JGC Corporation in Japan, we are currently looking for the qualified, experience and highly motivated Vietnamese nationals to fill the following positions based in Hanoi office.

The successful candidates will have valuable working experiences and the exposure to high-skilled engineering know-how for various international projects.
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Tim viec lam


Viec lam


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JGC Vietnam


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Tim viec lam

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Viec lam

Viec lam, tuyen dung    

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